Swinging Monkeys 365

Swing through an exciting jungle journey full of pitfalls, obstacles and hilarious fun in this action packed game. Designed for all ages, Swinging Monkeys 365 delivers an addictive blend of arcade style gameplay and challenging levels your whole family can enjoy on the go.

Penguin Avalanche

Do you have the lightning-quick reflexes and skill it takes to hit the treacherous slopes of Penguin Avalanche? Slip and slide down an icy slalom course in this fast-paced, single player game.

Mahjong solitaire

Meet your strategic match on the go in Mahjong Solitaire, the modern version of this iconic game. Puzzle your way through multiple levels and layouts on your Android or iPhone for the ultimate Mahjong experience.

Bus Boy

Tap your way through colorful tables and earn tips in this match 3, single player game. Bus Boy is a unique strategy game designed for all ages that is easy to learn, but hard to put down.


Beat the dealer and score big in this mobile adaptation of the world’s most popular card game. Casino style graphics and intense excitement await you in this single player game on the go.

Sumo Busho

Wrestle your way to the win by choosing color matches to knock your opponents off the mat in this timed strategy game. Beat the clock and your opponents in this unique, Eastern themed game.

My Fitness Builder

Get in shape on the go with My Fitness Builder, an award winning app that brings you a personal trainer at your fingertips. Enjoy the benefit of a custom tailored workout that you can do around your busy schedule. Tone up, slim down and enjoy your sleek new body in just a few minutes per day with this one of a kind fitness app.

Club Easy Street

Saving money, receiving cash back awards and getting great deals on travel packages make Club Easy Street one of the best new apps available in the Google Play or iTunes store. Download and immediately begin to receive money saving deals and incredible specials directly on your device.